Empire Rhythmic Gymnastics is a rhythmic gymnastics club founded by four passionate individuals devoted to bringing high quality recreational and competitive gymnastics to New York City.

Our mission at Empire Rhythmic Gymnastics is to help young gymnasts acquire necessary life skills such as discipline, dedication, perseverance, leadership, teamwork and time-management.

Our gymnasts learn the value of hard work and are able to create life-long friendships. Our goal is to provide a positive, educational, fun and safe environment for your children.

All of our coaches come from decorated backgrounds in rhythmic gymnastics, competing on world stages, including World Cups, European Championships, and National Championships. They are professionally and safety certified by USA Gymnastics.


Rhythmic gymnastics is a female Olympic sport that combines the flexibility and dynamics of gymnastics, the elegance of ballet, and the rhythm and self-expression of dance, while handling various apparatus such as ribbon, ball, rope, hoop and clubs.

Gymnasts perform on a carpet to different styles of music, either individually or in a synchronized group of five. The apparatus is fully integrated in the routine and it must be used with both hands, thrown into the air and kept in motion. Choreography involves a high degree of athletic skills: dazzling tosses and difficult catches combined with high leaps, amazing flexibilities, creative apparatus movements, difficult balances and gracious pirouettes.

Basic rhythmic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other activities and sports: strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, creativity, discipline, and more.

In the United States, Rhythmic Gymnastics is part of the USA Gymnastics Federation, which sets the rules and policies that govern all gymnastics and related disciplines in the country.
Empire Rhythmic Gymnastics

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